We recently completed a job at a home in in Ulverston, the aim of the to install a comprehensive solar power system that would provide enough electricity for 100% of the customer’s needs, the customer also told us that the roof would need some work prior to installation including new facias, guttering and leading.

Client Requirements:

 First of we measured the space available for the solar panels, the client informed us that they wanted enough panels to provide for their entire electricity needs and then to hopefully sell some back to the grid.

They also told us, and it was immediately obvious that the roof would need some work whilst we where up there, being expert roofers as well as solar panel engineers this was no problem.

Finally the client wanted a substantial battery storage system that would store the energy the panels generated for use at night.

System Specifications:

After measuring up it was decided that we’d installed 21 high-efficiency panels on the customers roof. This resulted in a 3.5KW system that would provide ample electricity to the customer, even during the miserable Cumbrian Winters.

A 10.2kW battery storage system was integrated to store surplus energy generated by the solar panels, ensuring a reliable power supply even during periods of low sunlight. Again this was more than was needed but the client wanted a system that would provide efficient and reliable electricity without compromise for many years to come.

Roofing Work:

In addition to the solar installation, we sorted out the issues with the roof whilst we were up there, saving the client money and time in the long run. The roofing work included the replacement of fascia’s, guttering, and lead valleys to ensure the structural integrity of the roof and enhance the overall aesthetics of the property.

Project Timeline:

The project was completed seamlessly, on time and on budget, well in advance of Winter. We project managed the from start to finish and had the client’s home generating free, environmentally friendly electricity in under 3 weeks.


The client in Ulverston told us that that they were over the moon with solar panel install, and the roofing work. 3 weeks later they could already see the benefits when their first electricity bill came in.

If you’re looking for solar panel installation in Ulverston or the surrounding areas get in touch with us today, we cover all of Cumbria and provide expert and cost effective solar panel solutions to home and business owners.